Posted on: February 24, 2017

Parvo Prevention

Altus seeks public assistance in prevention of parvo in pets

A number of dogs have been brought into the Altus Animal Shelter with the parvovirus. Altus Animal Control staff is doing all they can to stop any potential spread of the virus and is reaching out to the public to assist in the effort. The City of Lawton has also been taking steps to prevent parvo.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious infection that attacks a dog's white blood cells and intestinal tract. It attacks the immune system, causing symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It's spread through contact with others dogs or contaminated environments. It's also very difficult and expensive to treat. Parvo can be life threatening to puppies and young dogs.

The Altus Animal Shelter is being proactive in preventing the spread of parvovirus. All dogs taken into the shelter are being fully vaccinated against the virus. The grounds at the Animal Shelter have been sprayed to further prevent the spread. In addition, the Animal Control staff will be spraying at the Altus Dog Park Monday through Wednesday next week; the Dog Park will be closed until Thursday.

The Altus Animal Shelter asks for help from the public in preventing the spread of parvo throughout the community in a number of ways. We strongly encourage dog owners to have their pets vaccinated against parvovirus. It’s best to keep dogs at home until they are fully vaccinated. Animal Control staff strongly discourages bringing any puppies or sick dogs to the Animal Shelter at this time. Lastly, it’s discouraged to take dogs to the Altus Dog Park until Thursday after it has been sprayed and treated.

Altus Animal Control Supervisor, Krissy Mayhew, says, “All these actions will help stop the spread of parvo and save the lives of dogs in the Altus and the surrounding area.”

For questions about your pet’s health please contact a local veterinarian. For questions about the Altus Animal Shelter, they can be reached at (580) 481-2285.

Press Release (PDF)
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